My name is Daniel Gutiérrez Rodríguez. I was born 24 years ago in Logroño (Spain). My parents did live in a little town 48 km away from Logroño called Calahorra. When I was 6 years old we, my parents, my sister and me, moved to Zaragoza (the fifth city in Spain). We live in Zaragoza since then. After finishing High School, I decided to study Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Zaragoza. I started on September 2000. During my fourth year (from September 2003 to June 2004) I enjoyed an Erasmus grant at the Politechnical University of Denmark, which is located in Lyngby, a small town northern Copenhagen. I have to say that it was a wonderful experience. I learn so many things: both from the courses I made there and from the people I lived with.

On September 2005, I started an intership program at Vodafone RnD software lab, placed at Walqa Technology Park (Huesca). As well as getting my first professional experience, I was able to do my Master Thesis. From the beggining, I was assigned to a project called Enigma, whose main objective was the development of a QoS (Quality of Service) management system for MPLS networks. Some of the modules I developed for Enigma constituted the bulk of my Master Thesis, which was titled: “Communications module and memory management module for a QoS and tunnels management system for MPLS networks”. I successfully defended my Master Thesis on March 2007, obtaining a 95/100 grade.

My professional experience has been related almost exclusively with Vodafone RnD. Once I finished the internship program I was hired by GFI to work as an external collaborator at the same center. All the work and research done in the center is related with mobile networks and terminals. My duty within the center has been related with software development, although sometimes I have been working as an analyst. The kind of projects, and the technologies I have been working with are, at least, varied: Java and J2EE, Windows Mobile (C and C++), HIP, Mobile IP, PHP, MediaWiki (free contents), etc. One of the most important issues about working there were all the courses I recieved and all the knowledge I was able to adquire: programming languages (C, Java, C#, ASP .NET, HTML, XML, SQL), programming technologies and platforms (J2EE, J2ME, Windows Mobile, .NET, Web Services), protocols (HTTP, HIP, SOAP), operating systems (Windows and Linux mainly) and so on.

My relationship with Vodafone finished on March 2007. From then on, I have been working for HP Spain Operations Department. Specifically, I worked as HP Sales Support for both Goverment and Healthcare districts. To explain my responsabilities within HP I would like to use their own definition: “Responsible for translating technical requirements into valid configurations or packaged services providing budgetary and legal quotations or standard proposals to the sales team. Provide all configurations details to Bid Approvers if special pricing approvals are required. Accountable for TAT metrics. Responsible for delivery all required documentation to Order Management. Deep knowledge of products and services portfolios. Work in tight alignment with presales and BU specialists for complex/customized deals. Experts in the configuration tools and systems.” To sum up, I can say I am responsible of the commercial support management activities.

Finally, I would like to include here some of my interests, that will become the main thread of this blog. I proudly say that my interests are quite varied: computers, computers and more computers. Ok, let’s be serious, I am a bit more open-minded. I have to admit that I really like technology: hardware, software, programming languages, operating systems, Internet, communications. Everything related to bits, integrated circuits and wires. But I also like photography, graphical design, sports, travelling, which is kind of necessary if you have an slovenian girlfriend, cooking (and eating), music. I really would like this blog to became a “picture” of what I am and what I like.


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