“This equation neatly sums up our current understanding of fundamental particles and forces. It represents mathematically what we call the Standard Model of particle physics. The first addend describes the forces: electricity, magnetism and the strong and weak nuclear forces. The second and the third addends describe how these forces act on the fundamental particles of matter, namely the quarks and leptons. The fourth and fifth addends describe how these particles obtain their masses from the Higgs boson, and the last addend enables the Higgs boson to do the job. Many experiments at CERN and other laboratories have verified the first half of the equation in detail. One of the primary objectives of the LHC is to see whether the Higgs boson exists and behaves aspredicted by the second half of the equation.”

Palabra del CERN y todos sus físicos. La semana pasada mi padre tuvo la suerte de visitar las instalaciones del CERN en Suiza y consiguió una camiseta con la fórmula que explica la parte mas pequeña de nuestro universo.


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